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Residential Accounts

Security Deposits: A security deposit may be required to establish a gas service account if the applicant cannot establish at least one year of prior good credit history with other utilities, if the service has been disconnected for non-payment of a previous gas bill, or if the applicant received a disconnect notice for two consecutive months or for any three months within a 12 month period.

If a deposit is required, it will be no more than one-third of the estimated cost of gas usage for your home for a full year. Commercial service deposits are handled individually. You can find out what your security deposit would be by calling our office.

Customers applying for new service: If the required security deposit is more than $70, the service will be connected when we receive the first $70 payment. The remainder of the security deposit must be paid in two installments in the following eight weeks.

Existing customers with credit letters: Even if a customer has provided credit letters from other utilities, a deposit may be required if a customer receives a disconnect notice for any two consecutive months or for any three months within a twelve month period, or if service is actually disconnected for non-payment.

Refund of deposit: If you are a residential customer, when you pay your bill on time for 12 months following the date your deposit is paid in full, or for any 12 months in a 15 month period, your deposit will be refunded. Interest is paid at the rate established by the Regulatory Commission for deposits held by us for more than 12 months. Any deposit you have on file will be applied to your final bill when you request to discontinue your gas service, or if we must disconnect it. Any remaining deposit will be refunded to you in our normal billing cycle.

Disconnection of Service: Please arrange for service disconnection at least three business days in advance if you are moving or need your service disconnected for any reason. We may disconnect a customerís gas service for non-payment after providing 14 days advance notice by mail.

We may also disconnect your gas service without notice if danger to life or property exists, for emergency repairs, for tampering or fraudulent use of gas service, or for violation of any laws or regulations.

Reconnection of Service: If your utility service has been disconnected for non-payment, you must complete the following steps:
  1. Pay the full amount of all bills owed.
  2. Pay the full amount of late payment charges.
  3. Pay the full amount of any required deposit.
  4. Pay any reconnection fee.