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Equipment Cleaning & Check

Furnace Clean & Check
Properly functioning natural gas appliances produce no harmful exhaust. One that is dirty, damaged or has an inadequate supply of air for combustion has the potential to create harmful gases like carbon monoxide. This can cause serious health problems and even be fatal. Symptoms from exposure are often the same as those from the flu. They can include headaches, nausea, coughing, dizziness, weakness or similar symptoms.

BNG Heating & Cooling (812-897-3000) and many other heating and air contractors can:
  • Check vent pipes for cracks, leaks and sufficient venting
  • Inspect internal components for excessive wear or damage and replace or repair as necessary
  • Make proper internal adjustments for maximum efficiency
  • Clean internal and external areas including the burner chamber, heat exchanger, vents, registers and thermostat
  • Check venting for Natural Gas water heater
Contact BNG Heating & Cooling (812-897-3000) or your HVAC contractor for more information.

Safe Storage around Natural Gas Equipment

Don't Store hazardous materials near gas water heaters, stoves, furnaces or any other gas appliances. These "hazardous materials" would include paint, aerosol cans, lighter fluid, rags soaked with flammable material and anything that is flammable.