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Commercial Accounts

A written application is required for service to be established. We require signatures and photo IDís from all persons who will have access to the commercial accounts.


A cash deposit is required for all commercial gas customers. The deposit is based on two times the highest historical monthly consumption multiplied by the current gas service rates. If there has been a change in the physical size of the premises, equipment served or other factors which might affect usage, the deposit amount may be adjusted according. Cash deposits are required of all new commercial customers, and may be required of existing customers at any time, upon proper notice to the customer. The deposit must be paid in full before service will be connected.


The cash deposit may be waived at the companyís discretion upon receipt of adequate assurance of creditworthiness. Call our office (812-897-2260) during normal business hours for more information.


The company will not refund any cash deposit from a non-residential customer until services is disconnected at the premises served.